9 Best Things to Do & Places to Visit in Kigali

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, commonly known for its hilly geographical altitude covering an area of about 281.9m large, the city has a population rate of 859,332 at favorable weather of 76f,6.mph[10km/h] at 60 %humidity.
The elevation of Kigali city is approximately 5,141,1n [ten] hours ahead for visitors coming from Europe and other places far from the African continent.

Kigali City Rwanda
Kigali City Rwanda

It does not matter at any point if you have ever visited Rwanda, the country has continuously developed more in terms of infrastructure like beautiful, clean roads, hospitals, universities, cultural centers, the genocide site with attracting more visitors from the world, making it the cleanest city in Africa.
Planning to visit Rwanda make sure to experience these memorable and beautiful historical attractions found in Kigali city.

  • Kigali Genocide

talking about Rwanda and forget to mention the Kigali genocide is like committing suicide. This place is so memorable in the hearts of Rwandese where they lost over 800,000people in only 100 days.

Kigali genocide memorial
Kigali genocide memorial

This event kicked off in 1994 where the Hutus who were the biggest to Rwanda’s population with over 85% fought against the Tutsi who are about 14% after the death of Rwanda’s former president Juvenal Habyarimana sparked off the dis-agreement.

Both ethnic groups almost behave the same way, speaking the same language, and having the same traditions and customs.in size, the Tutsi are taller than the Hutu who are believed to have come from Africa’s giant Ethiopia.

Historians witness that, during the Genocide, the dead bodies of the Tutsi were thrown on the lakes and Rivers something which made the Tutsi to date never eat any type of fish in commemoration of their beloved ones.
It is surprising that the Belgians took Tutsi to be more powerful than the Hutu, not until 1962 left powers to the Hutu making the Tutsi suffering to the highest.

Finally, in July, the RPF group led by president Kagame and others took over Kigali the capital city of Rwanda, finally ceased fire and formed a unity government which at first led by Hutu, Bizimungu Pasteur with Gen. Kagame as his deputy but later Bizimungu was jailed over inciting violence charges and Kagame eventually became the president up to now.

This memorable place the Kigali genocide was built in commemoration of the brave hearts of the sons and daughters of both tribes rendered in the struggle .it is beautified with a lot of aircraft of nature describing well how the entire story of the genocide began and ended.

The place also has a children’s room with an art gallery that displays all the late young fighters who died in the struggle.

  • Inema art center

The Inema art center was started in 2012. The building is decorated with beautiful paint along the walls in different colors. it has a gallery space for over 10 and above artists who always exhibit their crafts.

At Inema art center, you can find modern traditional African crafts made by African Rwandese which are also available for purchase in case you want.

Inema art center
Inema art center

The place also has mixed media works which describe the African way of living but mostly the Rwandese. You can also find all the artwork for Rwandese, very beautiful and elegant for those whores artistic. Still in this place. you are able to enjoy weekly dance performances by different artists from within Rwanda and outside. You also get to see art-inspired yoga classes well-staged and planned.

The place also organizes art gallery tours and exhibitions for artists from within Rwanda and the world at large. They also organize music, dance, and drama concerts for the visitors who may like to refresh themselves with joyful cultural music.

  • Rwanda Art museum

Rwanda art museum is located at the former presidential palace at the outcasts of Kigali city. the place is ranked amongst the top eight [8] museums in the country by its beauty and art content.

It is the only place in Rwanda with contemporary art, opened in 2018 May as a showroom for both arts within Rwanda and outside with over 100 different artworks including painting, ceramics, sculptures, also an experimental place for different mediums.
The place also has the debris of the historical presidential jet that crashed on 6th April 1994 where president June Habyarimana died from and sparked off the Rwanda genocide of 1994.

  • Kimironko market

Kimironko market is the Kigali capital’s largest business center. Any visitor won’t miss out on visiting, especially in the afternoon. Hundreds of vendors both men and women settled in this roofed complex built at a better standard struggling to earn a living.

The market complex has different pathways for both entrance and exit where your crisscrossing of different genders carrying baskets on heads with fruits, the place has commotion of different sounds from the lenders and buyers, the stalls sell different products including clothes, foods, greens, meat, chickens For tourists who want to take photos while on a tour, kindly make sure that you inquire first or get permission from the authorities because most people at this place are shy over cameras due to security reasons.

  • Nyamirambo women’s center

The Nyamirambo women’s center is an organization founded in 2007 for promoting gender equality for women in Rwanda. The place offers educational and vocational training for women and young girls in different communities.it also offers jobs for women who are unemployed.

The place offers well-decorated beautiful printed bags, patterned placemats, beaded jewelry, local fashioned clothes, hand-women baskets in all sizes, and other cultural things. You will also experience a fascinating walk over the hair salons, different tailors, the more agricultural businesses found in this place, and holy places like mosques, etc. The center also organizes workshops on basket weaving and traditional cooking where they invite even the visitors to participate.

  • Amahoro stadium

Amahoro stadium is the most visited and used place for sports in the country of Rwanda. The stadium has a seating capacity of about 30,000 sits.it is the home of Rayon sports club one of the sports giants in the Rwanda premier league and Armee patriotic also playing in the league.

Amahoro stadium
Amahoro stadium

This big stadium built by the government of Rwanda hosts different other sports like athletics, rugby matches, and live performances for both music, dance, and drama.

The name ‘’Amahoro’’ means peace. It is a historical place for the citizens of Rwanda where over 12,000 people camped in the place as refugees during the historical event of Rwanda genocide in 1994 between the Tutsi and the Hutu and over 800,000 Rwandese died in 100 days.it is remembered that most of these sons and daughters of the genocide came without clothes, no food but it acted as a shelter.it is because of this history that makes this place is so wonderful and joyful in the hearts of Rwandese.it hosts national events like the commemoration of Genocide and other national events.

  • Question coffee café

It is known that Rwanda imports most of its coffee from other parts of the world. Coffee contributes over ten million dollars to the economy but the nationals are still struggling to have it plenty within the country. The country is also known for growing the best beans in the world and pyrethrum in order to comply with the effects of importing coffee into the country.

The coffee café works hand in hand to rift growers in different areas by supporting them with equipment, seeds, fertilizers, organizing seminars for skills and knowledge, and looking for better markets. Many tourists visit this place and test on the Rwanda-made best beans, even take them to their countries and also take made products like caffeinated drinks made mixed with tree tomato, pour-over coffee, espresso beverages, and others.

  • Hotel des Mille Collins

This is the most famous place in Kigali and Rwanda at large. this hotel is known for hosting more Rwandes during the genocide.it has the best services in town, with a beautiful natural environment outside, well modified swimming pool, all sorts of foods both local and international. During your visit to Kigali, you will see that almost all the people who visit Rwanda normally relax at hotel des Mille Collins due to its history and best accommodations.
The hotel has a restaurant at the top view on the fourth floor called La panorama Restaurant. The visitors are able to view the entire capital city of Kigali while enjoying delicious meals, the beautiful wind blows, and good weather.

  • Camp Kigali Memorial

Kigali memorial camp is located just a few meters from Kigali Serena hotel and Kigali Marriott hotel. The site has known history over the country and Belgium nation.

Over 10 Belgium soldiers paid victims of the Rwanda genocide who had been sent by Gen.Dallaire to guard the palace of the prime minister Rather Uwilingimana, however, they were captured brought to this place, and killed on spot.

At the moment, this place acts as a commemoration for these ten soldiers with ten pillars upright in a circle. The first pillar is broken representing bruteness these soldiers went through and at each stone these each soldiers’ initials or remains.


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