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Kenya has 2 major airports and a number of small national airports. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi where most tourists arrive and go on safari from there.

Moi International Airport (MIA) in Mombasa where mainly tourists arrive who go to a beach hotel and do a safari in between.

Visa: from 1 January 2021 it will no longer be possible to buy a visa on arrival. You must arrange this online before departure. Click here for the e-visa. Cost is 51 usd. Your passport must be valid for another 6 months upon entry and have at least 2 blank pages.

For the guidelines that apply with regard to corona to enter the country please check with your government cause the restrictions regarding negative test and quarantine are different for every country and change all the time. 

Best time to travel: In general, Kenya can be visited all year round. It depends on your personal preference when you want/can travel. 

Kenya has two rainy seasons the first from March to May and the short season from October to December. During the long rainy season, one should take into account difficult paths in the park. Migration (Serengeti to the Mara) usually starts in July and lasts until October. The months of December to February are the hottest months with temperatures that can reach around 29 degrees.

Payment: In Kenya, you can pay with your credit card (think of the commissions) and withdraw money with your bank card (don’t forget to check if you can do worldwide withdrawals before departure). Both euros and dollars are accepted.

Taxis: There are reliable taxis in Kenya such as those from uber, taxify, kenatco, delightcab and jimcab. Handy to download the uber app and book a taxi quickly. If the taxi does not have a meter, agree a price in advance!

Photographing in Kenya: You can take the most beautiful pictures in Kenya. And even if you can manage to take great photos with a mobile, if you want to come home with great photos, you’ll need a camera with a zoom range at least ten times greater than a standard compact camera, or a 400mm lens on an SLR camera. 

Think of spare batteries, a dust-free bag, keep in mind that it can take a lot of time to upload your photos with a USB cable in internet offices with often slow connections. Therefore, take enough memory cards with you. If you intend to take professional photos of the wildlife, please read carefully about using your camera to get the most out of it. The locals do not appreciate it if you want to take a photo without being asked. Many have a superstition and see the camera as ‘the evil eye’. Masai and Samburu usually allow themselves to be photographed for a fee.

NB: Do not make photographs of presidential escort and government offices.

Traveling with children: Kenya is a suitable holiday destination with children. However, keep in mind that a long safari with children can be very tiring. After seeing a number of animals, boredom sets in. It is therefore advisable to book a private safari with your own family so that a schedule can be made according to your own wishes. Or join a specially organized family safari with other families. A beach holiday with a safari in between is also an option. There are many activities to do on the beach, such as snorkelling, boat trips, banana boat rides, beach volleyball, etc. Excursions can be booked in advance or on site. An excursion that should not be missed is that of Pilli Pipa a dhow trip with snorkeling in the Indian Ocean, a great chance to spot dolphins and option for diving. Lunch on a small island where you will be welcomed as a guest and you can enjoy a delicious lunch consisting of fresh seafood or chicken.


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