Ruaha National Park Tanzania,

Ruaha National Park is located in Tanzania occupying an area of 20226 square kilometers. Ruaha National Park is recognized as the largest National Park in Tanzania.

Ruaha National Park
Ruaha Park

Before it was upgraded to a national park in 1964, Ruaha National Park was gazetted as Saba Game Reserve in 1910 by Germany and renamed to Rungwa Game Reserve in 1946 by the British colonial authorities.
The name Ruaha was derived from a Hehe word “Ruvaha” that means river. Hehe is a famous tribe that dominated the Ruaha area in Tanganyika.

Ruaha National Park can be visited all year round. During the dry season in the month May to October when the skies are bright and during the wet season in the month of November to April when the vegetation is green with a beautiful view and fewer crowds.

Ruaha River is one of the main features in the park and it acts as a water source for animals in Ruaha National Park mostly during the dry season.

Ruaha National Park boasts of a diversity of attractions including the following;

  • Wildlife. These are the commonly sighted animals in Ruaha Park; elephants, giraffes, hippos, buffalos, zebras, lions. Leopards and cheetahs can be seen occasionally. Other key wild animals to look out for include; the captivating wild dogs, greater kudu, lesser kudu.
  • Vegetation
  • Ruaha Park incorporates of Miombo woodlands, baobab trees
  • Bird species
  • Giant kingfisher, African fish eagle, long crested eagle, Bateleur, spur winged goose, red billed horn-bill.

Rivers include River Ruaha, River Mzambe, River mdonya, River Jongomero, River Mwagusi.

Historical sites that can be visited include; God’s bridge, early trade routes by Arab caravans, Isimila pillars.

Activities in Ruaha National Park

  • Game viewing

Ruaha National Park has both day game drives and night game drives. Tourists can catch sight of an innumerable number of animals strolling in the park. Leopards, Cheetahs, wild dogs, elephants, lions, zebras, kudus and many more. The game drive is done in different parts of the park with great scenery of the vegetation.

  • Walking safari

This can be done in the walking trails within the park with a guide. Tourists can view the park’s landscape and animals as they move along and capture pleasant photography.

  • Bird watching

Ruaha Park provides an amazing birding experience. The park is a habitat for different bird species and these can be seen as you move in the park. Some of these include; African fish eagle, long crested eagle, Bateleur Giant Kingfisher.

  • Bush meals can be organized and enjoyed as you explore the landscapes of Ruaha National Park.

Accommodations in Ruaha National Park

Hotels, camps and lodges are available ranging from budget to luxury facilities

  • Jabali Ridge
  • Kwihala Camp Asilia Africa
  • Kigelia Ruaha
  • Jongomero
  • Tandala Tented Camp
  • Mufindi Highland Fishing Lodge
  • Mabata Makali Lodge & Campsite
  • Asanja Ruaha

How to get to Ruaha National Park

Fly into Julius Nyerere International Airport then a road drive to Ruaha via Mikumi which takes about 10 hours approximately 320km.

A scheduled chartered flight can also be taken from Dar es Salaam to the park’s airstrip and this is the easiest.


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