Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania

The well-endowed conserved land is home to all what any ardent fun hunting traveler is seeking for while in Africa. Ngorongoro Conservation Area sited on an area of about 8292 in the Northern part of Tanzania approximately Arusha region in the Ngorongoro district. The conservation area is habitat to the endless list of wildlife, flora, plains and other aquatic animals. The wildebeests have access to this area too in specific months of the year. With its greatest jewel being the largest Ngorongoro crater at the conservation area offering the spectacular view, home to several wild animals and several others.

With highest chances of seeing the Big 5, (elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and rhinoceros) the wildebeests the zebras and several other animal species. There are also several prehistoric, Stone Age sites like Olduvai Gorge and many others where the fossils, skulls were discovered that belonged to the early inhabitants of this area thousands of years ago.

There are several attractions in this conservation area and several are expounded below that will give you an amazing experience while at this place for all the time stay you will have in this conservation area.

Attractions in Ngorongoro Crater Area

  • Ngorongoro crater.


Measuring about 300 square Kilometers and 20 Km across with about 600 metres deep is the un flooded world’s largest volcanic crater that is the major jewel of the former Serengeti national park conservation area of Ngorongoro conservation area. This area is covered with green vegetation cover, infiltrate with wild animals like zebras during dry season that adds value to the sights and sounds and sounds of the area all accumulating your experiences while on a safari here. Kindly contact us at for any other inquiries and booking.

  • Wild animals

Ever seen the Big 5 and other big cats all in one venue? Inbox us the reply via and we plan a new or another trip to the awesome conservation area of Ngorongoro that has them easily sighted. We are talking about lions, leopards, rhinos, hippos and elephants, with hyenas rarely seen but present too in the destination. There is more in this huge conservation area than what your expectations say.

  • Vegetation

Short green swampy grass, savanna grassland and woodland covering the whole conservation area that give the most spectacular views and the most beautiful and cutest platform for photography. There is no exact word to expound the real beauty sighted in this area. There is much more. Get ready to join for an awesome adventure in this area and trust us the memories are awesome.

  • Olduvai Gorge

The remains of fossils, human skulls and other archeological artifacts of the stone age period are found in this area that one can explore and learn a lot about the prehistorically information of the long ago early inhabitants of this are. It is amazingly interesting to know the past and pass on the knowledge to the new generation and those that were not present at Ngorongoro conservation area. There are several archeological sites her exclusive of the Olduvai gorge. Kindly inbox us via

  • Masai village trips/ visiting the local people.

There is uniqueness, beauty, classy unwritten story about the Masai people that anyone gets heterogeneously in perceptions. The best way to perceive the real story about this Masai people is by visiting this Ngorongoro area. There is much more to deal with practically liken their dances, foods or unique dishes, cattle keeping, dressing and several others that you can only encounter on the ground unlike the one who reads documentaries. Kindly engage us on and all your inquiries are availed with responses and automatically we shall give you a rationale to visit this area and you won’t back down to book a trip.

  • Masai cultural exploration

 The dressing code of tying the a wrapper on their bodies, cultural dances, the pastoral lifestyle of keeping cattle is just one awesome activity that anyone would love to be part of since the best part in any safaris is when one gets to know the daily lifestyle of the local occupants in the area. There is a lot of authenticity in this culture that is sure that you will enjoy exploring.

 This conservation area is so gifted with dozens of attractions with birds inclusive like ostriches, the pelicans, Karamoja apalis and several others. Over 500 bird species are recorded in this area that any ardent bird watching enthusiasts would find rationales to do their bird watching activities here. For any birding inquiries, kindly contact us on

Activities at Ngorongoro Conservation Area

There are several activities in this vast conservation area. This include: game drives with an opportunity to view some of the Big 5, the zebras and other wild animals, there is also birding in this area with an opportunity to see over 500 bird species amongst which are  the ostriches, Karamoja apalis and many others. In addition to the above, there is also exploring the cultural memories with the Masai which is authentic, un eroded, and interesting to be part of while in this area. Furthermore, there is also photography at the Ngorongoro crater that avails more opportunities to get the best moments captured. Be part of this moments at the conserved Ngorongoro conservation area. Not only the above activities can be thrilled in at this area but several of them but the few mentioned above are some of them. For more, kindly contact for any inquiries and booking formalities.


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