Game Drive in Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park is located in central Kenya on Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and also has the second-highest mountain peak in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Kenya was established in 1949 as a way to protect Mount Kenya, the amazing animal’s species, bird species and the surrounding environment which is the habitat for different kind of animals.  Mount Kenya National park is covers an area of 715 kilo meters which is 2.095 kilo meters and it lies on the south of the Equator.  The park has variety of rare species such as the forest, alpline vegetation, glacial moraines, tarns, bamboo, and alpine moorlands.
Mount Kenya national park
Mount Kenya National park has montane Avifauna that is green vegetation which attracts different kinds of bird species to come to the park. The bird species to find will include; African green pigeon, Black and white manikin, Mountain Buzzard and many more.  Mount Kenya is a stratovolcano which was active in the Pleistocene. It mainly has three main peaks which is Batian, Nelion and Lenana. You can enter Mount Kenya National park using different gates since it has six entry gate that include; Naru Moru gate, Kihari gate, Chogoria gate, Sirimon gate, Kamweti gate and Mawingu gate. However, payment into Mount Kenya National park is done on the main three gates and others just require proof of payment. Park entrance fee for the Non-residents is USD 70 for (Adults) and 40USD for (child) per person, per day.

Game Drive in Mount Kenya National Park

A game drive in Mount Kenya National park is done is a 4 by 4 safari tour vehicle with a professional guide and an armed ranger to protect the visitors from dangerous predators that are found in the wilderness as you see different wild animals. The game drive in Mount Kenya National park has two game drive sessions which is the morning hours and the full day game drive and they both enable tourist to get closer to the animals.  While on the game drive you will be able see all the Big 5 wild animals (lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants) and other kinds of animals like; waterbucks, tree hyrax, elands, the white mongoose and troops of baboons and monkeys.  The best spots to see these wild animals during a game drive in Mount Kenya National park is along the shores of different water bodies and where there is deep huge vegetation since it is where they will be feeding and also not forgetting the lowlands of Mount Kenya National park. Other Activities to do in Mount Kenya National park Hiking Mount Kenya National Park; tourists will be able to hike up to the top of Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya has different hiking trails which can be used by tourists. Some trails take you between five days to ten days depending on your physique fitting, and the trail used. Some of the trails that are used by experienced mountain climbers include; Timau trail, Nelion trail and Burget  route and the less experienced climbers use trails like; Naro Moru, Sirimon route and Summit circuit and many more.  You should know that mountain hiking is straining and sometimes challenging. But easier when you are sloping back down.  The best time to go hiking Mount Kenya is during the dry season since the trails are clearer, don’t give difficulty to climb and most importantly, it gives you more chance to see different kinds of wild animals when you are hiking. When planning to hike Mount Kenya, you need to pack warm clothes. Since the temperature tends to change due to change in altitude. 

Cave Exploration

You can visit the Mau Mau Caves, the Shipton’s caves the trails to the Mau Mau caves gives you a memorable feeling of adventure as since you will see different waterfalls as well as rivers around. You will be able to get information about the Mau Mau ancient people and you will be shown the weapons they used to fight the colonialists since they were warriors and these caves were their hiding places from the colonialists as they were fighting.

Bird watching 

Mount Kenya National park is gifted with over 100 bird species which can be spotted on the water shores, in the bamboo forest, in the montane grasslands, in the mountains and other places. While on a birding safari, you will be able to see African crown eagles, olives, Hoopoe, Oriole Finch, Starlings, widowbird, Pigeons and many more bird species. Bird watching in Mount Kenya can be done in the morning hours, in the late afternoon hours. However, the activity is more enjoyed in the morning hours when the sky is clears and the birds are singing in the trees.


You can do camping in Mount Kenya National park since the par offers one of the best grounds for camping activities. If you would like to spend a night in the wilderness, Mount Kenya National Park would provide you with the night adventure with maximum security. Camping can be combined for you with a picnic and this will offer you an amazing night to remember. 

Guided Nature Walk in Mount Kenya National park

A guided nature walk is where you walk on foot to explore the scenic beauty of Mount Kenya. You can use local experienced safari guides and rangers. You will walk deep in the forest and explore the wonders of Mount Kenya National park.  How to get to Mount Kenya National park; you can use both road transport and air transport.  By Road; it takes you about 4 hours to from Nairobi to Mount Kenya National park entrance gate.  By Air; as a tourist, you can use domestic charted flights from Wilson Airport up to Nanyuki Airstrip.  If you plan to go on a game drive in Kenya to see wildlife, you might want to consider visiting other national parks and reserves like Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, or Samburu, and these areas are well-known for their abundant wildlife and safari experiences. Always check on our Jewel Safaris Uganda for the latest information and consult with local tour operators or official park authorities for the best options and safety guidelines.

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