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Semuliki National Park Uhmm! What defines you as an individual? As for Semuliki or Semuliki national park is best known or is most popular for its Central African character, its outstanding birdlife making it a bird watching haven and also its famous Sempaya Hot Springs are the main traits that define and help to identify this park in the pearl of Africa and these traits alone make any traveler like me and you to reach there and just spot what is said about this place.  And in case you are looking for that perfect safari destination with the oldest and intense concentration of ecological forests in Africa, then count your dreams achieved by simply paying Semuliki national park a visit because it is an ideal ground for visitors to discover most of the ancient transformation processes of a time.

Semuliki national park is situated along the Semuliki valley, west of mountains of the moon is just adjacent to remotest confinement of Ituri forest of the Congo basin in Bundibugyo district about 387 kilometers from Kampala and it covers an area of 219 square kilometers. It is characterized by several species that have stood a test of life for decades with several outstanding hot springs, 441 bird species, 53 mammals, 11 rare pygmy antelopes and two flying squirrels among other several notable species that you will be sighting at the park. This protected area also refuges the spectacular male and female hot springs the famous 2 male and female most powerful hot springs in the area.

How to get to Semuliki National Park.

The best way to get to Semuliki National Park with a lot of explorations and the most joyous safari is by road which will see yourself go through many districts including the great tourism city of Fortportal before reaching to the park. However, you can also be airlifted on a chartered flight up to somewhere either in Fortportal of Kasese then driven by road to the park.

The best tourists’ attractions.

This is a home to the activities that are not found in any parks of Uganda that explains as why you should visit this park so as to get all the experiences without missing any. The great Semuliki national park has the awesome attractions that include:

The birds.

This is the playground for the birders simply because they find all the kinds of birds here that they have looked for elsewhere country wide on birding safaris making it a birding paradise. The park is dubbed to as the “the birders haven” because the birds here make Congo’s whole birds population. Amongst many, the bird species here include the white crested hornbill, red billed dwarf hornbill and very many others that any enthusiastic bird watcher should miss. Check out our birding safari on Jewel Safaris Limited and make it personalized then book it.


There is one favorite place for wildlife in this park which is the Semuliki valley where you expect to see the best of its wild animals like savanna elephants, forest buffaloes, waterbucks, crocodiles, warthogs, and Uganda kobs and others cute wildlife species. For those that have sharp eye sight and have them wide open, open them wide enough and keenly be ready to spot out leopard, pygmy hippos and bush babies as you do the game drive. For the best wildlife savanna safari, don’t forget checking out our site and see what suits your specifications of you as an individual or team.

This place is also home to different primates’ species mostly monkey that you can see while on nature walk to the female and male hot springs. Don’t miss out sending us an inquiry in case the urge to visit this game park hikes up.

The hot springs.

All the above can bring several travelers to Semuliki national park but to a lesser extent because they can be spotted in any other park in Uganda where the big cat and big five members are present but there is one an irreplaceable attraction that is the Sempaya hot spring. It is only in this park and none other. Near the headquarters, one needs just a few minutes trek through the forest with the opportunity to spot the primates like the baboons, grey-cheeked Mangabeys, black-and-white colobus, Central African red colobus, blue, red-tailed, de Brazza’s, vervet, and Dent’s Mona monkeys. This is the best place to catch the best spot on of the several primates that you could have missed to see from any park that you had visited earlier.

There are so many other attractions in Semuliki national park and its only after you visit here is when you get to realize how centrally rich in natural attraction this park is. In case of any urge to visit here and you want to book for any safari to this park or simply there is a burning issue you want to get clarified on, please contact us on and we shall overwhelmingly respond to all your inquiries that will lead to booking.

What to do and see at Semuliki national park.

Any traveler that has stepped here has always gone back thanking the creator of heaven and earth for the uniqueness, beauty, attractiveness and well endowment of this park. Here, you shall be able to do activities that will exert unquantifiable memories to your life giving you the best trip ever. The game drives and see different wild animals like savanna elephants, forest buffaloes, waterbucks, crocodiles, warthogs, and Uganda kobs, leopard, pygmy hippos and bush babies. This is so beautiful coming one on one with any other above animals. Birding watching is another beautiful activity to do in this haven of bird watching hence already you know what to expect. The big number of birth because of the way it’s called. The birds here include the white crested horn-bill, red billed dwarf horn-bill and many others. Also there is a lot of where to do nature walks from and several activities like hiking, egg boiling and other first minor foods.

Semuliki National Park is just a natural wonder of its own, the undeniably the paradise of birds and uniquely the home for boiling hot springs. Book your trip to this park now. The completeness of any safari in Uganda depends on where you visited but the most applauded destination not worthy a miss while on Ugandan safari is Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for the best experience as you encounter with the mountain gorillas. To book your trip, talk to us on our inbox at for the best ultimate safari experience of mixture of savanna and gorilla tracking.


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