River Rafting & Tubing the Nile Jinja Uganda

There is an unspeakable thrill embedded in White water rafting and it’s a huge miss to any ardent travelers who have not done it. The White Nile has up to 7 times the volume of the Zambezi.

The raft bursts through the vast walls of the White Nile and drifts through warm pools in the equatorial sunshine. Majorly conducted on the bubbling falling waters of the great river Nile in Jinja “the adventure capital of Africa.” It’s the best activity for the most daring, courageous, and fun hunting enthusiastic that would do any kind of a thing provided safety is guaranteed to explore the kind of experience is hidden in it.

Jinja is one of the big towns and districts in Uganda with sound attractions with the biggest of them all being the source of the river Nile the second largest river world over and its flowing waters power and its length is part of the reason that makes this outdoor one undeniably awful.


This is the source of the Nile, the source of adventure and excitement. Join us for the wildest rafting trip on the planet.

Our rafting associate has 25 years of worldwide rafting experience including a string of remarkable first descents – Indus (Pakistan), Muk-su (Tadjikistan), Blue Nile (Ethiopia), Tshuapa (DR Congo). In 1981, we made our first river descents in New Zealand on homemade rafts of used inner tube and bamboo! Since then, our rafting partner has pioneered rafting operations in eight countries worldwide. In 2006, our rafting partner completed the world’s longest river journey with the first successful ascent of the Nile. Our partner’s remarkable safety record… Over 30,000 people have safely rafted the Nile.

 Our rafting associate made the first-ever descent of the Victoria Nile and introduced rafting to Uganda in 1996. It is now the most popular tourist activity in the country.

 No one enjoys the river more than our team of professional international and local guides.

Wild or Mild We have something for EVERYONE.

 An oar raft (which we fondly call the suntan raft) accompanies every trip. Our guide will row you down the river and tackle the smallest waves. All you have to do is hold on and work on your suntan.

One day whitewater rafting (31 km)

 Give us one day and we will give you the ride of your life! The most exciting rafting trip on earth includes transfers from Kampala, a fantastic buffet lunch on Wakisi Island, and complimentary drinks after the trip.

2/3 Day Rafting/Surfing trips (48 km)

white water rafting in Jinja Uganda
white water rafting in Jinja Uganda

After an incredible action-packed first day, relax on our beautiful mid-river island. Downstream, the river behaves much like the ocean and you can ride the waves on our boogie boards. The boards dance across the waves and the rider can learn to carve gracefully back on forth on the wave at incredible speed. This should not be missed.

Family Float Trip (5 km)

 Fun for the whole family (ages 2-72 years). Drift past colonies of cormorants, open-billed storks, weaver birds, and fish eagles. Bounce down a handful of baby rapids and enjoy rafting with the generations.

2-day Family Rafting (18 km)

 You won’t stop talking about it. This trip is ideal for children 5-years and older. The kids love the rapids and tend to spend their whole time leaping between rafts, on and off kayaks, and floating on boogie boards. There are wonderful surfing options for Mums and Dads at ‘Nile Special’ and ‘Malalu’.

Nile High Bungee (44 meters)

Leap from one of the most spectacular sites in the world. Water touches the source of the Nile (it is the only jump over the Nile), tandem jump with a friend, or rides off on your bicycle. Try the ‘Nile High Combo’ where you can bungee jump and raft on the same day.

Nile High Camp The most beautiful camp on the Nile.

Comfortable wooden chalets, safari tents, dormitories, cleaned tiled shower areas, hot water, internet access, and a magic cliff-top bar. Home to Nile High Bungee and the start point for rafting trips.


 Take home action-packed DVD footage of your raft trip, incredible still images, photographs with river maps, or quality T-shirts/women’s tops.

Safety and Risk Management

 Enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of our adventure activities knowing you are in the safest hands. Safety is our priority and we are recognized leaders in the management of risk. Our guides are carefully chosen for their ability to assess the needs and expectations of each individual client. We have the most experienced team on the continent with comprehensive training in wilderness first-aid and swift water rescue. We cannot eliminate risk in our adventure activities but we do our very best to minimize it.


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