Kibale Forest National Park Uganda

The Primates capital – Kibale Forest National Park, located in western Uganda, an area of 795 sq km. Its major attraction is the opportunity to track habituated Chimpanzees. These delightful apes, more closely related to human beings, than any other creature on earth, are simply amazing to watch as they squabble and play in the fruit trees. Kibale Forest National Park is also home to another 13 primate species, including the localized red colobus and L’Hoest’s monkeys.

A network of shady forest trails provide much to delight botanists and butterfly lovers; and Birders are thrilled with over 350 species of birds, including the endemic Prirogrine’s ground thrush. Forest Elephants move seasonally into the developed part of the park, while other mammals include buffaloes, giant forest hogs as well as a half a dozen antelope species.

Chimpanzee Tracking is the main activity in Kibale National Park, but guided walks, day and night are also conducted, and are very popular.  Birding is particularly a huge activity here, especially in and around the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary.  Between Fort Portal and the Kibale Forest National Park there is a series of crater lakes, that present themselves as a beautiful stop on the way.

The insight of the Attractions.

Kibale Forest National Park
Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest national park is a primatologist’s dream with a richest ecosystem unfamiliarity found anywhere else in the whole world. Situated in the forested Kibale plateau stretching on a distance of 795km2. and it’s about 375km2 from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

This by forest sits over 1000 chimpanzees on top of other 13 species of primates that are easily seen and no complaints of the visitors who have visited this park deny of having not seen the chimpanzees. On top of these chimpanzees, other primates like vevet monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, bush babies (small nocturnal primate), pottos, blue monkeys, smallest nocturnal primate bush baby that can only be seen at night, olive baboons, black and white colobus, red tailed monkeys and others animals like elephants, buffaloes, duikers and so many more. Kibale Forest National Park also seated in the plateau is also sits a lot of bird species at points like Bigodi swamp. The place is also vast known for community walks, butterflies with over 250 butterfly species that are so great for the scientists interested in the butterfly study.

About Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees have a biggest portion of relationship with humans second to mountain gorillas and being with them is  full time long living memories that each one is ought to be part of if one is a fun enthusiast, travel addict and these animals  have 96% DNA with humans  second to Gorillas who have 98.3% DNA.

Chimpanzees have live in multi male and multi female communities of 15 members and headed by one leaders meaning gender balance in their communities. In the communities they live exist elders who nurture and train the young ones. The young of chimpanzee is known as an infant that maintains their closeness with human beings.

Just like humans, chimpanzees  also have similar facial expressed put on to display the moods like angry, joyful, sorrowful, grief for instance when a friend, community member dies , pleasure and play too with different objects when pleased over something., boredom and depression. They comfort and promise one another by kissing and embracing.

Some facts about Chimpanzees

  • Chimpanzees live for more than 40 years and many older chimpanzees in captivity also suffer cardiac diseases and take the same medications that humans take.
  • In chimpanzees, the most prominent blood types are O & A unlike humans who have very many blood types.
  • A chimpanzee has the same senses like humans like sense to sight, taste, hearing and extra hence still prove they are our closest relatives.
  • Chimpanzees have 32 teeth and same body temperature as humans.
  • An adult chimpanzee is about seven times stronger than the strongest man known to man
  • Chimpanzees have ability to communicate through talking and few have learned to speak using American symbols sign language and other different graphics
  • In reproduction, females have a bright pink bottom that signifies fertility in them hence calling for males’ attention to mate. And a female chimpanzee gives birth about 3 to 6 times with the gestation period of 256 days and can’t engage in any reproduction again till some level of growth has been attained by her infant

Activities at Kibale Forest National Park

  • Chimpanzee tracking, trekking, and habituation
  • Village walks like at Bigodi community
  • Bird watching
  • Butterflies study
  • And other awesome activities.

Would you pick up an interest to visit this park to the few facts pointed above about chimpanzees, kindly email us at Our team full of expatriates will be more than ready to make your stay with our closest relatives in primates’ capital more of the interesting and fulfilling one. The most amazing bit of this primates capital is one even sees what he/ she did not expect like elephants, buffaloes, dikes and extra that beautifies the most out the tour to this park because its fun, after fun full off amazing thrilling experiences.

Requirements to this park.

  • Chimpanzees tracking permit (must)
  • Boots
  • Trousers
  • A good smart phone and camera.
  • Enough water like one liter

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