Fishing Safaris in Uganda – Best Sport Fishing Trips

Fishing Safaris in Uganda – Uganda referred to as “the Pearl of Africa,” has 25% of water bodies covering its total land area that automatically makes it the best for fishing, and amongst many of these fishing grounds are Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo national park, Jinja at the source of the Nile and Lake Victoria which is the largest freshwater lake in Uganda, East Africa, and Africa and the second in the whole world. This makes it the best spot to do most of the adventurous Uganda  safari activities on top of sport fishing like; boat launches, beach life, bird watching so many others. Some of Uganda’s water bodies include; Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert, Awoja, Albert Nile, and several others that are not used for sport fishing but are also better places for other activities like boat cruises and others. The activity is less conducted by local tourists being the main activity focused by the inbound tourists that are few which makes the activity still less exploited and still has a lot of potentials to give a lot of memories and experiences to its ardent players of this sport. Fishing Safaris in Uganda – Best Sport Fishing Trips

fishing safaris in Uganda Fishing Safaris in Uganda

Sportfishing is done all throughout the year except with few months of the year when the rain is too much and the rate At which waves slap is too strong hence it’s is recommended that April and May are not the best months for fishing due to the huge rainfall received, that often threatens lives of many in water bodies mostly like Lake Victoria.

Is the fish caught on this safari put back?

 Yes, please!  It is put back to the Lake or River because fishing safaris conducted here are mainly done for fun and the fish caught is immediately released back to the lake, river, or any other water body from where it is conducted from. This allows them to produce and multiply hence making the sport experiential and memorable.

 What fish species are caught during these safaris?

Fishing Safaris in Uganda
Fishing safaris Uganda
Fishing Safaris in Uganda

There are several different fish species caught here and they include; Nile perch, Tilapia, claims, nine and many others is delicious, big from 8-180 kgs when mature is mostly caught at the second largest freshwater body in the globe.

Nile perch is mostly caught in freshwater bodies like Lake Victoria, River Nile. All these fish species are caught in this catch and put back sports activity. Fishing safaris are so fun that many who have had it as part of their itinerary in their safari find it more unique, experiential, and more daring since it involves moving in water mostly on Lake Victoria. The Nile perch caught here weighs about 8-80 Kilograms

 Methods used during fishing safaris sport.

 Fishing safaris in Uganda
 Fishing safaris in Uganda
Fishing Safaris in Uganda

Fishing safaris has so many different methods applied to make sure that the tourists who booked for the service are really contented and enjoying the activity that they paid for. Live bait is used mainly at Murchison falls national park that involves spinning smaller tiger fish on a hook, and is dropped back into the water body when someone is holding either a metal or stick attached to the string holding the string in the hook.

Another one is trolling method that has been used in the largest freshwater body in Africa and second in the world.  This has been used since 1997 when the first boat was introduced on Lake Victoria. The beauty about his activity here is that the form of a basket is attached behind a speed boat that will grasp any fish species that cuts across the basket opening but still the most prominent caught fish species with this method is tilapia and Nile perch.

All our fishing safaris are interesting since it makes it possible for you to catch all fish species within the country. It is only in the pearl of Africa that you will enjoy exceptional sport fishing in beautiful unpolluted and naturally gifted surroundings while relaxing and taking little else but fishing seriously. Your experienced and professional safari guide will show you fine spots for sport fishing reputation and will introduce you to different fishing locations across the lakes and other popular fishing destinations. We at Jewel Safaris Limited are here to help you offer the best opportunity and most memorable fishing moments on Uganda’s well-renowned bodies while at the same time discovering the treasures of the Pearl of Africa as a unique tourism destination.

This is an interesting activity which is mostly carried out at the sites most popular for more than one activity.  Jewel Safaris Limited is eagerly ready to make bookings for your fishing safaris in Uganda. While on any travel journey or on any adventurous safaris to the best destination in Africa or anyone in the pearl of Africa or maybe in east Africa, Jewel Safaris Limited recommends you do this activity as well and spice up the experience more. Welcome to the pearl of Africa.

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