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Jewel Safaris is a top-rated East Africa Tour Operator highly ranked and applauded for arranging and organizing thrilling experiential unrivaled safaris. Jewel safaris is fully registered and recognized by all agencies in charge of companies’ registration and has reputably received ratings for its good works, law compliance and being clients’ favorite tour operator.

Jewel Safaris organize awesome tours like gorilla tracking and trekking tours in DR Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. Apart from Gorilla trekking safaris, we also do adventurous wilderness safaris, car hire services, and extraordinarily fun-filled cultural tours in East Africa.

With our headquarters in Kampala Uganda, we value and endeavor to surpass your safari expectations, putting safety and security into consideration, sit, relax and accumulate the memories. Our dedicated team is ever on set ready to offer you a breathtaking adventure since it is our mandate. With our well trained knowledgeable tour guides, experienced drivers in your company during the trip, expect no monotony throughout the safari.

Jewel Safaris consists of a team of expertise in the tourism field. Its staff is so dedicated in all they do fully giving clients extra service needed before, during and after the safari. With broader knowledge, constant training of our staff, Jewel safaris Ltd.’s wilderness tours will take you to the breathtaking adventurous destinations that will expose you to lifetime memorable experiences.

We do and sell Safaris and adventure packaged and bespoke/ tailor-made tours in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.  Jewel Safaris is a full service Travel Agency and are well equipped to help you book flights, accommodation, restaurants, gorilla trekking permits, chimpanzee trekking permits and we do car hire services as well. At Jewel safaris a client is so darling to us and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are ready to confirm your safari.

Jewel Safaris Team

Jewel Safaris staff is such a peculiar team that any client delights being part of. Our staff is so passionate to professionally serve you, handle your inquiries and revert details of the request immediately at the shortest time possible. Jewel safaris offices are run by ever smiling, professionally trained and motivated staff. Even for the few staffs that came as internship students, we modelled, train and turned them into specialists in different fields and now, they are passionate about their work and will make sure you get right information you ever need in any inquiry. It is this first response rate with accurate and timely advice, fulfillment of our promises before, during and after the safari, good accountability among others have seen us climb good will ladders and considered as a darling by most of  clients as seen on several Safari review pages

Mr. Dona Tindyebwa – Director

A senior adorable passionate tourism enthusiast that has been accredited in different tourism management levels. My in-depth experience in the sector makes the kind of safaris arrangements, execution among others that Jewel safaris does so exceptional. Mr. Dona has received accolades in the tourism fields for exceedingly shining in the sector. Attributed to his fonder knowledge about Tourism in Uganda, region, he is so qualified to best fit being your travel partner, tour guide, consultant. Our dear Director Mr. Dona Tindyebwa has held different positions in the management of several key positions in the sector. For instance recently, he was elected as Director on the Board of Trustees for the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO). Association of Uganda tour operators is a private tourism arm that shapes the conducts of several players in tourism in Uganda. He has also participated in and organized several expos both locally and internally organized by Uganda tourism board like the Pearl of Africa Tourism expo among others. Mr. Dona’s seniority in selling and organizing fun thrilling safaris is just awesomely incomparable. You can as well with no doubts reach us via our Jewel safaris website.

Joseph Bugingo – IT Department

Hi there. I’m Joseph a Jewel Safaris technology consultant but devotedly love Information Technology. I love marketing tourism online reaching to all corners of the world. For all the good works, links and impressive constant updates you see on our website and other platforms, that is me. Kindly follow us on our different social media platforms for more updates. With couple of Years’ experience in the field, I’m a graduate at Makerere University and I majored in Software Engineering.

Do you love travelling, exploring the best adventurous places with the best in their area of expertise? Then Jewel safaris team should be your travel partners for that ultimate safari. The team above is just part of the team based in Kampala Uganda offices in case you reach to office. However, there are more of us you will see in the field as you will keep bypassing some of our vans in the field.

To experience what has been spoken about any of our staff highlighted above, contact us.

We are set to show you the real indigenous Africa!


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