Diani Beach is a stunning beach ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Africa, the beach features a lengthy coastline with incredibly soft sands and blue–turquoise water.

Kenya cultural Tours
Kenya Cultural Tours

Diani Beach is located approximately 500 kilometers southeast of Nairobi with a journey taking approximately 7-10 hours, from Mombasa it is approximately 38 kilometers to Diani Beach

Swahili language

Swahili is the main language spoken in Kenya as well as Diani Beach, so as a traveler heading to Diani Beach for a holiday. It is important to know a bit of Swahili for easy interaction with the locals and also to enjoy your holiday experience to the maximum. 

Swahili is a Bantu language of the Niger–Congo family, the language is approximately 1000 years old. The Swahili language has a lot of borrowed phrases and influences from Arabic descent, Swahili is often thought to have been shaped by the interactions of the inhabitants on the coast of Kenya with the Arabs and Persians who moved to the East African Coast for trade purposes. 

However, it is important to note that Swahili is in its original and purest form and it existed even before the arrival of the foreigners on the East African Coast. Swahili as a language continues to evolve and spread across the world to become of the most versatile and widely spoken languages in modern society. 

Swahili contains no unpronounceable sounds which makes it easy to learn and speak in the shortest time possible.

This article is a guide is a rough guide to Swahili Language and it will help you get acquainted with common greetings which will be important while on a Diani Holiday 

Pronunciation of Swahili words

SwahThe ili language has only 5 vowels which are A, E, I, O, and U and they are pronounced as follows 

Vowel Pronunciation
An (a) Pronounced like the “A” in the word  FAR
E (e) Pronounced like the “E” in BED or EGG
I (i) Pronounced like the “I” in SICK or PICK
O (o) Pronounced like the “O” in ON or OIL
U (u) Pronounced like the “OO” in TOO or COOL

Along Diani Beach and the Great Coastal Region, over 90% of the inhabitants (local people) speak Swahili as their native language, this makes Diani Beach one of the best places in Kenya to learn and speak Swahili in its purest form. It is a great idea to learn a few useful basic words before you embark on your trip to Diani. 

 Learning a few basic greetings in Swahili is a great way to stay, while doing so just remember to pronounce the vowels correctly as shown above, and the consonants as you normally do in English. The two basic kinds of greetings are based on “Jambo” as in the matter or “Habari’ as in the news. 

Jambo is the most commonly known greeting and is loosely translated as “Hello” with different variations depending on gender and number of people as follows

Basic Greetings in Swahili

Jambo ============ Hello.

Jambo ============ Hello.

Habari yako ======== How are you?

Niko Salama========= I am fine

Greetings to more than one Person

Hujambo ————————   Hello

Sijambo  —————————   I’m fine.

Greetings to more than one Person

Hello All ——————– Hamjambo

We’re fine ——————— Hatujambo

Etiquette & Formalities ======== Taratibu na Adabu

Thank you ——————— Asante

Excuse Me ———————Samahani

Please —————————Tafadhali


See you later ——————Tutaonana.

Please to meet you ——–Vyema kukutana / Vyema Kujuana


Yes ——————No

No ——————Hapana

Very —————Sana

Where ————Wapi?

When —————Lini

Now ——————Sasa

Goodnight ———Lala Salama

Rafiki ——————————Friend

Rafiki yangu ———————My Friend

Mama ——————————Adult woman/ Mother

Kijana ——————————Youth or teenager

Mtoto ——————————Child or kid

I’m Hungry —————————————Nahisi Njaa

I’m Thirsty ——————————————Nahisi Kiu

I don’t understand —————————— Sielewi

Where are you going ————————Unaenda Wapi

I am going to the hotel ———————Naenda Hotelini

Have a nice trip———————————Safari Njema!

How do you Say in Swahili —————Unasemaje kwa Kiswahili

Best Time to Visit Diani Beach For a Holiday 

Diani Beach is a year–round destination, it can be visited any time of the year however the best time to visit depends on the experience you are looking for. 

  • December to February is generally the hottest time of the year on Diani Beach, these months are the peak season at the beach with both international and domestic visitors. 
  • March to August – this period experiences the most comfortable weather and receives few tourists. The prices are relatively normal and great deals are available most especially on the resorts and hotels. 
  • September to November – this is the time before the high season arrives, early bird tourists flock to the beach, the weather is warm and prices start to rise. 

Where to in Diani Beach 

There are a variety of accommodation facilities at Diani Beach categorized as budget, midrange, and luxury. The best accommodations to stay at include 

  • Slilts Treehouses 
  • Masai Paradise Cottages 
  • Hotel Sonrisa 
  • Flamboyant Bed and Breakfast 
  • The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel 
  • Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa
  • The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel 
  • Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort 
  • Kusini Beach Cottages
  • Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa


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